All Students Phase 1

Phase 1 - Prior to enrollment online students need information about:

  • Demands of online learning
  • Admissions
  • Online program
  • Placement testing
  • Contact information
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Orientation to college
  • Fit or readiness for online learning

What else do online students need to know beside what is listed above?

match between the course or program in which they are enrolling and their personal educational goals and background or preparation
adequacy of their computers, internet service, and computer skills
How to connect and work with an advisor

Who will assume responsibility for delivering these services?
admissions, enrollment management staff
Undergraduate Advising Center

What is the best delivery method for these services?
online with extended hours staffing. Availability by Skype for personalized contact to bridge between conventional learning environment and two-dimensional computer screen classroom
Phone, email, Skype, Elluminate sessions - synchronous delivery methods initially until a relationship is established with an advisor
Elements that are dynamic such as video, audio, pictures, and other means through which they are interact with people and not just read text.

How do these resources contribute on online success?
Promoting appropriate choices by potential students
Reducing fear factor in high-stakes online environments
Reduces feelings of isolation commonly reported among online students and helps them make informed decisions
Providing the student with as clear a picture as possible of the "life" of an online student.

Any additional comments

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