All Students Phase 2

Phase 2 What do student need upon registering for their first online course through week 2 of the semester?

  • Orientation to college (might happen earlier)
  • Orientation to online learning
  • How to Contact the help desk
  • Develop necessary technology skills (how to use the course management system & more)
  • Buying books
  • Using online library
  • Selecting and registering for courses (prior to semester)
  • How to access support services

What else do online students need to know beside what is listed above?
How to get to the Content Management System (for us that is Blackboard). Not every prof sends a link to the site.
Netiquette - how to appropriatey communicate online.

Who will assume responsibility for delivering these services?
Distence Ed
Student Affairs

What is the best delivery method for these services?
Methods that help them build a sense of connection or rapport with the staff providing the services/info such as video, audio, and other interactive elements.

How do these resources contribute to online success?
Help student feel less uncertain about what to do and how to get help.

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