In addition to what all students need, what does April (traditional age student, new mother, takes all courses online, local, undecided major) need.

Phase 1 - additional services
April may need some tips on time management. For example, our university offers a hour-long workshop on that topic that April may be able to attend, and we have the content available online. If childcare is available on her campus, she would benefit from know how to make contact for that resource. April may also benefit from knowing which online courses areavailable. Since she is undecided, she needs to have some idea of which program she would like to complete so she doesn't invest several semesters in a program that she will not finish.

Also, information about organizations with students in a similar situation as her such as non-traditional student orgs or student parent orgs. This gives her a community to identify with and provides additional resources.

Phase 2 - additional services
Virtual Tour of the campus. This way she can have a sense of what "her" university is like without having to tote the baby all over campus.

Undecided majors should be given direct information about how assessments provided by Career Services which can help determine areas of interest and/or apptitude.

Phase 3 - additional services

Phase 4 - additional services

How does this contribute to success?

Who is responsible?
At our university, the Academic Advising department would have this info.
Our web team created and maintains our virtual tour. Not sure how we make students aware of it though.

Best delivery?
Since April is in the area, she may be able to come to campus to avail herself of these services.

My philosophy is that if we can provide services to the most "distant" students (they may distant geographically or because they have a full-time job and a family) then we have made it easier for all students.

Additional comments?

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