In addition to what all students need, what does Bob (traditional age student, first generation college student, takes some courses online and others on-campus) need?

Phase 1 - additional services
Information about connecting with a mentor. Since he is new to this expereince and may not have family to guide him, this is a good option.

He might also benefit from being exposed to the option of living and/or working on-campus. Or participating in a Living Learning Community. We offer a Commuter LLC. Obviously students don't live together, but they take some of the same classes in order to provide them with an instant community. An online version of this could be created.

Phase 2 - additional services
Bob will need evaluation to find if the "mixed" model works for him. If he will be more successful in the more traditional on-campus classes, then he should be encouraged to enroll in more of those.

Phase 3 - additional services

Phase 4 - additional services

How does this contribute to success?
Students who get frustrated or can't find who they need to answer their questions are more likely to fail or quit.

Who is responsible?

Best delivery?

Additional comments?

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