In addition to what all students need, what does Chad (traditional age student, undecided major, all courses online, stationed in Afghanistan) need?

Phase 1 - additional services
Information that will connect him with the Vet Coordinator on his campus
Social media sites the institution uses to connect students who are in the military (promotion of student-to-student interaction)
Library tutorials and support for accessing and using online library resources

Phase 2 - additional services

Phase 3 - additional services
A big thing for Chad to learn will be time management and for him to have counseling support. While his education is important, he is in a very stressful situation and it will be easy for him to neglect his studes. He should be matched up with either groups of students who are also stationed at military bases, or an advisor who has worked with students like him in the past.

Phase 4 - additional services

How does this contribute to success?

Who is responsible?
At our institution, the Veterans Coordinator works with other support services to provide connect with these students
Veteran Coordinator
The Library should provide this type of online service for all students (and many already do)

Best delivery?

Additional comments?

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