In addition to what all students need, what does Doug (returning adult student, lost job, needs to re-train, not excited about the need to return to school) need?

Phase 1 - additional services
Career Counseling Services
Academic Advisor

Phase 2 - additional services

Phase 3 - additional services

Phase 4 - additional services

How does this contribute to success?
Helps Doug maximize his time in school and build on the job skills he already has that will maximize his employability and return to the workplace
An advisor could steer Doug into service learning-type courses or technical training that is offered by the institution or even within his own community

Who is responsible?
Career Services could be offering seminars and events that would attract students like Doug to their services

Best delivery?
Common-place technologies (phone, email, etc.)………this adult student may or may not be familiar with social media tools and may initially be resistive to using them.

Additional comments?

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