In addition to what all students need, what does June (returning adult student, busy professional/career changer, all courses online, can only come to campus for exams) need?

Phase 1 - additional services
June is at risk for dropping out due to competing demands on her time. Creating online professional communities where she can have useful professional contacts will help, either through an online student association or the provision of off-topic discussion rooms owned by the students.

Phase 2 - additional services

Phase 3 - additional services
June needs to begin her job exploration through social connections made through the course or program. She needs a place to talk workplace and professional issues. She also needs to begin to contact potential employers. At this point she should already be working on her portfolio.

Phase 4 - additional services
Career services will need to be provided. June will have to be shown the benefits of sticking with her program.

How does this contribute to success?
It will mesh the course experience with the priority demands of her professional life
Who is responsible?
Student services—whoever provides student activities to traditional students on campus
Best delivery?
Through online rooms which are easily accessed from course site. Students need to be given permission to email and Skype each other.
Additional comments?

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