In addition to what all students need, what does May (returning adult student, vet with disabilities, takes all courses online, can only come to campus with great difficulty) need?

Phase 1 - additional services
Awareness of/connection with Disability Support Services
Awareness of/connection with Veterans Coordinator
Many campuses have an "Introduction to Online Learning" type class that helps students acclimate to the online learning environment - May may need to search for information about these types of courses that the campus offers.
Understanding about the Library and its online services

Phase 2 - additional services
Providing technology training here would be beneficial. Since May's campus access is limited, she will need to have enough online experience to be able to work through any problems that she may meet while completing the online courses. If the school is providing 24/7 tech support, she will also have to know how to get in touch with them.

Information about Student Veterans Organizations and the Counceling Center

Phase 3 - additional services

Phase 4 - additional services

How does this contribute to success?
Guidance in terms of how to self-identify disabilities to instructors and provide proper documentation that will be needed to request special learning accommodations
Identification/awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder issues that may interfere with learning.
Understanding how electronic library resources and services operate could reduce May's concerns, since she can't easily come to campus.
Reviewing design of websites for compatibility with ADA guidelines. For example, are they readily readable by speech recognition software? Are they free of visual distractions such as flashers, moving images, or graphically confusing layouts?
Who is responsible?
Student should identify learning needs in the paperwork they submit for admissions
Admissions professionals
IT staff or whoever does website markup

Best delivery?
Phone calls or Skype visits, depending on what type of disabilities are involved - synchronous contact at first may be recommended
The Library should provide web-based tutorials, chat features, and other online assistance (besides the traditional assistance all libraries provide)

Additional Comments?

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